We all know ketchup, it is a yummy sauce, used on hot dogs and a lot of other food. Nowadays we ony use ketchup to eat. But back in the day, it had many different uses, that sometimes are still used!

Ketchup has a great tomato flavour, but it has more than a good taste. It can be used to clean pots and pans, jewelry, and even cars! that is because ketchup is able to polish steel.

The great taste of ketchup is also great in desserts, such as ketchup chips, but dit you know it can also be used in cake? There is a certain cake calles ‘ketchup cake’.

Heinz is a very famous brand of ketchup, but did you know that they made more than 57 varieties of ketchup tastes.

Now we know more about the history and the other uses of ketchup! We eat it with almost everything! It’s a great taste!

10 Wild And Crazy Facts About Ketchup


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