Pasta is getting a really famous dish! It is eaten a lot more nog than it was earlier! As you could guess, I looked up some amazing facts about it! Hope you enjoy!

Uncoocked dry pasta can be kept for a long time, but did you know that it stays goo for over a year!

We know that pasta is an italian dish. Italian people eat about 60 pounds a year! That is 27.3kg!

There is a month especially for pasta! Octobre is the pasta month! I bet you didn’ know that, but now you do!

As you can see, pasta is much eaten, and it tastes very good! I hope that it stays a great-selling dish! 

Interesting Facts About Pasta



We all know them, potatoes, they used to be a basic dish, but now there are lots of variations! There are also some fact about them that you probably didn’t know yet! 

An average person eats about 33kg of potatoes a year! That’s a lot don’t you think?

It’s proven that people can survive on a diet that only contains potatoes, ilk and butter, because it has vitamins A and D.

The world biggest potato weigh 3.67 kg! It grew in England!

These were some facts about potatoes! We eat them a lot as you can see! I think it is becouse you can hve tham with all diferent kind of vegetables and so on…




Bananas, the food that is always linked to apes. We all like bananas because they are fruits, but sweet and delicious! Although, there are some facts that will blow your mind!

Eating bananas can help you to fight signs of a depression, because of it amino acid! This is a great benefit to feel much better!

A bad thing about bananas is that they are naturally radioactive! That is because they contain a lot of potassium!

Bananas are very healthy! They contain almost no fat and are very low in calories! It also lowers the risks of heart attacks and even cancer!

As you can see, there are many things you didn’t know about bananas! They are very healthy so definitely keep eating them!

French fries

HMMM FRENCH FRIES! Everyone loves them! A delicious fatty snack, that tastes sooo good! It seems like a normal snack, but there are lots of facts about fries! Let’s find out what is so special about them. 

There are reports that found out that americans eat more than 16 pounds of fries a year, wich is a lot!

In france, french fries are not called so, they cal it frites, patates frites or pommes frites. These names are also used in a lot of other countries.

The origin of french fries is actually Belgium! People used to cut potatoes lengthwise and fried it. It was used as a substitute to fish.

Now we know a bit more about the great french fries! Let’s admit that we al enjoy to eat them!


We all know ketchup, it is a yummy sauce, used on hot dogs and a lot of other food. Nowadays we ony use ketchup to eat. But back in the day, it had many different uses, that sometimes are still used!

Ketchup has a great tomato flavour, but it has more than a good taste. It can be used to clean pots and pans, jewelry, and even cars! that is because ketchup is able to polish steel.

The great taste of ketchup is also great in desserts, such as ketchup chips, but dit you know it can also be used in cake? There is a certain cake calles ‘ketchup cake’.

Heinz is a very famous brand of ketchup, but did you know that they made more than 57 varieties of ketchup tastes.

Now we know more about the history and the other uses of ketchup! We eat it with almost everything! It’s a great taste!

10 Wild And Crazy Facts About Ketchup